Divine Holidays At The Virgin Cove Resort in Samoa

Treasured in the islands of South Pacific, is a resort, which is located at one of the most stunning beaches, the perfect setting for a tropical idyll.

Life here is laid back and typically Samoan, but to make your holiday enriching, but to experience Samoa, Virgin Cove resort is the best option for you, which is located on the stunning beach and surrounded by the green forests and the view is spectacular, awesome, enriching and a stay at the resort will give you exuberance, vitality, energy and peace of mind will heal your wounded mind and body at affordable samoa accommodation prices offered.


Virgin Cove Resort

Virgin cove resort, located in the isolated village of SAANAPU in the midst the lush green forests, is a perfect destination to live in complete harmony of nature, to witness the glory of nature, soak in the sun, watch the stunning ocean in the back drop of fauna and flora of nature.

The stay at the Samoa resorts is budget friendly, catering to the needs of all strata of the society, the back packers who are wandering to explore the world, the bold and the beautiful, the much in love couples who want to ignite their passions in the tranquil and completely secluded environs of the Samoa resort.

It is also a perfect wedding destination, with ocean as the back drop and all the logistics are handled by the friendly team of the resort to make your wedding picture perfect and cherish these memories for decades.

The resort is designed with Fales located bang on the beach ,and made with coconut leaves, and a mattress is thrown in to give a rugged feel of life, and this will make you experience the living styles and habits of the locals.

For the travellers who love all the good things in life, Garden Bungalows are designed to suit your western life style and you will be surrounded by the lush green forests on one side, and a stunning beach with crystal clear flowing ocean, and if you have a modest budget you may stay in the Beach Bunglows, which will cater to your minimum needs but the rooms are well designed, with closets, bed and basic amenities.


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