Finding A Place To Stay At Samoa

Samoa is the pearl of the South Pacific and is truly a land of fantasy and an incredible travel destination, connected by air from Europe and North America, and the moment you land at the APIA, resorts samoa, you will be amazed at the jaw dropping scenery that has made Samoa a haven for the world’s glitterati who savoir its charms from the ultimate in Virgin Cove Beach Resort.


Virgin cove Resort is designed and conceptualized keeping in mind the needs of every traveller, be it the rich and elite, the wanderer back pack traveller, the romantic couple, or your loved family or friends and offers varied kinds of decent accommodation to suit your budget.

The resort is strategically located on the secluded, Virgin beach in the deep forests of Saanapu Village, on the south coast of the island, and it is the only destination in the world where the green forests meets the beach and it creates a tranquillizing and a winning environment, eco friendly and soothing, and the ultimate destination to slow down, introspect, rejuvenate and have a great holiday.


The resort well understands your need for a picture perfect holiday and ensures to pamper you with all your needs, with warm hospitality offered by the local bunch of friendly team.

The resort has Beach Bunglows facing the beach, elegantly decorated, and equipped to cater to your basic needs, with clean bathrooms, closet and bed.

Garden Bunglows are just 50 meters from the beach, and are designed to give you a feel of nature, with fauna and flora around you, and more ever to cater your needs if you are tuned to the western style of living, with elegantly done up rooms, with all the modern amenities.

Fales at the beach are ideal for wanderers and back packers, and these are located bang on the beach, made from coconut leaves, with mattress laid on the floor, safe vaults to keep your valuables and gives you a glimpse and feel of the local and vibrant Samoan culture and way of life.

The resort believes in preserving our environment and has initiated measures to ensure that you breathe fresh air, which brushes your face when you sit on your patio and enjoy the scenic beauty of the ocean, and at night you may just star watch and have a romantic evening, sipping the local wine, play your favourite music and dance all night.

You may stroll at the beach any time of the day, as the resort believes in providing security and ensures that you have a complete privacy, or just walk around the Saanapu Village, interact and mingle with the locals, explore the culture, the life style of these blessed people and enjoy a great holiday, which you will cherish all your life.

Samoa hotels are known for their ambience and servile staff. The Samoa resorts too cater to the myriad needs of the tourists and are a reflection of the great congeniality of this wonderful destination.


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